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Begin your journey towards a better you with a personalized online strength and conditioning program. Increase your overall fitness level with continued online feedback from The Movement Coach himself.

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Personal Training

The Power of
One-on-One Training

While group classes and 6 week challenges can be exciting and motivational, the best results comes from having a program built specifically for you. Having helped thousands of clients crush their goals, Josh Evans aka The Movement Coach, is ready to help you take the necessary steps toward living a more optimal life. No matter the goal, The Movement Coach will build the best program possible to help you define and crush your goals.

Take Your Pick

  • Kettlebell
  • Steel Mace
  • Bodyweight

Change Your Body in Just 6 Weeks

  • Improve your mobility
  • Increase your strength
  • Burn unwanted body fat

Access to Private Facebook Group

  • 24/7 access to coaching from me personally
  • Personalized feedback on proper form
  • Motivational tips and advice to keep you moving
  • Answers to any health and fitness related questions

Communication is crucial for consistent progress. Take advantage of my coaching and communicate within our community.

Weekly Office Hours

  • Live video conference every week
  • Get your specific questions answered!
  • Interact and learn with other like minded individuals

Get access to face to face video communication with me every week! Take advantage of my personalized coaching


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