The Steel Mace Academy

The Steel Mace Academy is a comprehensive video series focused on increasing your ability to safely and effectively use this versatile and powerful training tool. Get access to over 120 instructional videos that will increase strength, improve mobility, and boost endurance.

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The Video Library

The Steel Mace Academy was developed in order to teach you the fundamentals of Steel Mace training so that you may properly implement this powerful tool into your current fitness routine. Movement should be a part of our lives 365 days a year. This academy was created to free you from standard gym equipment, open your mind to endless movement possibilities, and push you to new heights of physical performance.

  • Over 120 instructional HD videos to choose from
  • Reach new heights of physical performance
  • Develop an athletic foundation of strength, mobility, and endurance
  • Incorporate innovative and effective warm up and cool down sequences to increase the benefits of Steel Mace training
  • Master fundamental movement patterns needed for safe and effective workouts
  • Learn how to correctly perform a variety of movements including The Steel Mace 360
  • Understand how to build flows and complexes that fit your training style and goals