Nutrition Coaching

With so many nutritional resources available online stating their “diet” is the best, it is easy to understand why there is so much confusion these days surrounding what to eat. That is why the ProCoach Coaching Program shifts away from traditional methods of scare tactics and food restriction, focusing instead on changing the behavior behind your dietary choices. By targeting specific dietary behaviors, you can channel your energy into making positive decisions that turn into long lasting healthy habits. The days of boiled chicken and white rice are over!

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Personal Training
  • Nutrition Coaching (Annual)

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  • Nutrition Coaching (6 months)

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ProCoach Nutritional Coaching

Online resources available with ProCoach Nutritional Coaching:

  • Screening and Assessment Questionnaire
  • Daily Habit lessons to keep you on track with your goals
  • Bi-Weekly Habit Goals focused on your needs
  • Data Reporting and Tracking for proper progression
  • Custom Quick Start guides to help facilitate early progress
  • Learning center with articles on a wide range of nutrition topics

A Progressive Habit Based Curriculum

  • Learning the skills you need to be successful with your diet
  • Focus on the daily habits you make consistently
  • Build upon healthy habits over time as you learn more about your body

Personalized to Your Needs

  • You’ll receive an Owners Manual to guide you through the program
  • Take responsibility for your action with constructive feedback
  • Learn what to do and what to look out for

What To Expect

  • Every Day: a lesson and habit to focus on
  • Every Week: Measure & Record Your Progress
  • Every 2 Weeks: A New Habit to Practice

Build a Better Relationship

  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Tips and Tricks to help you find success
  • Feel supported by other like minded people