5 Benefits of Steel Mace Training

If you’ve been in the gym or on social media and seen people swinging these long medieval clubs, but aren’t sure if they are right for you, you are missing out on one hell of a training tool.  The steel mace can deliver a variety of long lasting health benefits with the use of a high quality training regime. Here are 5 benefits you will receive using the steel mace in your training:

Easy to Use

Unlike most conventional gym equipment, with the steel mace there is no need to lug around heavy plates or a bag full of accessories.  All you need for an hard core workout is one solid piece of cold hard steel. The anatomy, or shape, of the steel mace makes it very easy to handle and use effectively, so you can take your workouts anywhere.


The steel mace anatomy, specifically the long handle coupled with the offset load, or weight, allows for smooth transitions between movements. This allows for the ability to combine movements together for a fast and easy way to increase your total training volume without having to increase total training time. A fun way to change up your typical exercise routine could be to add flows and complexes to your workouts.  These mini “workouts” in themselves give a great muscular benefit while also addressing your cardiovascular system.

Mind-Body Connection

When training with the steel mace, you will begin to feel this sense of total control overcome your body.  The neural connection to the body is what sets steel mace training apart from other modalities. By irradiating tension throughout the body, you can feel the miniscule details of movement that make all the difference in longevity and performance.

Living in Rotation

Believe it or not, our bodies are made for rotation.  Even how you walk is affected by your ability to rotate different parts appropriately.  Steel mace training revolves around the idea of rotation in itself. Due to the offset load the steel mace provides, the body must adapt and rotate the body with opposite and equal force, in order to stabilize and maintain proper structure needed for quality movement.  The concept of training to control rotation has been amplified with the reintroduction of mace training for fitness.

Safe and Effective for Strength Training

The versatility doesn’t stop with the movements you perform with the steel mace.  How you train with the mace also benefits the more traditional strength training concepts usually found in programs across the country.  You can build muscle and improve your endurance using set and repetition ranges, timed tempo repetitions, as well as for energy system development with timed circuit training.  The combinations are endless with steel mace training.